The Whitefish Chain Yacht Club (WCYC) is one of the oldest community service organizations in the area - established in 1952 as a non-profit organization focused on serving the residents of the Whitefish Chain.

The WCYC’s mission is to promote boating and water safety for both lake residents and visitors to our beautiful chain of lakes. The Whitefish Chain Yacht Club conducts three important programs; Navigation Buoys, Boating Safety Instruction and Swimming Lessons.

Navigation Buoys: Our principal responsibility is to provide and maintain the navigational buoys under direction of the Crow Wing County Sheriffxs Dept. The County designates the placement of the navigational and no-wake buoys. The WCYC spends several thousand dollars each year on this program. Many of the buoys have solar and battery powered lights to aid in navigation after dark.

Boating Safety Instruction: Minnesota law requires youth ages 12 - 17 to have Minnesota Watercraft Operator's Permit or similar certification from their home state. The Along with C&C Boatworks the WCYC sponsors classes annually. Taught by the Crow Wing County Sheriffs Water Patrol and MN DNR officers, the classes which prepare young boaters for the Operator's exam. In addition the WCYC presents each student with a PFD as they are required to wear same while boating.

Swimming Lessons: WCYC has been sponsoring accredited swimming lessons since 1967. Over that time more than 4000 swimmer sessions have been taught. Lessons are offered each July to children 5 years of age and older and are offered at no charge..

The WCYC is also a social organization offering member activities such as family picnics, boating, dinners and more to promote fellowship amongst our community.

Members enjoy reciprocity with other Yacht clubs through membership in the Yachting Clubs of America. More information here.