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Origional burgee circa 1952
Original Club burgee circa 1952
courtesy Joe Ruttger 

The Whitefish Chain Yacht Club was founded in 1952 by a group of lake residents to mark the rock pile on the Father Foley bar.
Legend has it they were tired of their sons returning from joy rides with dinged props.

The organization's objective set forth in the Club's founding By-Laws stated:

"The general purpose for which the club is organized is to foster and preserve good fellowship and mutual helpfulness amongst boat owners located on the Whitefish Chain, so that by their common effort they may promote and improve boating and fishing conditions throughout the Whitefish Chain; promulgate rules regarding safety and courtesy in the operation of boats in and through said waters; marking of dangerous areas by appropriate warnings; taking appropriate measures to ensure the maintenance of proper water levels; preventing pollution of said water; and to conduct such other related activities as may be appropriate to establish and maintain the Whitefish Chain as a recreational center in the State of Minnesota."

During the 1950s and '60s, the Club sponsored sailboat races.  As the popularity of sailing diminished, the club refocused its mission back onto it's roots of promoting boating and water safety on the Chain, and has maintained that focus ever since (albeit with periodic social functions to "preserve good fellowship").