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No yacht required! You don't even need a boat.
We invite you to join to help support our mission of Safety on the Water and connect with others who share our passion for the Chain.

Membership Levels

-  Membership levels start at just $50 per year.
-  Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year.
-  New members who join at or after the Annual Fall Dinner will have their dues credited to the following year.
-  All memberships are annual and levels may be changed from year to year. 
-  Burgees (the pennants that yacht club members traditionally fly on their boats or from their docks) are 
awarded only upon initial non-trial memberships. (See Trial / Complimentary Trial Membership below.)

Crew level:
Membership is $50/year and includes an annual Membership Card, a Club Burgee, and a Decal you may use on your boat or car that shows your support of boating and water safety.  Members may opt for a second membership in the family household for an additional $5 per year.

First Mate level:
Membership is $100/year and includes all the benefits listed above for Crew level, plus: a WCYC Key Fob and listing on the club’s Recognition Board of Donors.

Captain’s Wheel level:
Membership is $150/year and includes all the benefits listed above for First Mate level, plus: a no cost second membership in the household.  This is a great option for socially active spouses who may be the connectors in a family.

Commodore level:
Membership is $250/year and includes all the benefits listed above for Captain’s Wheel level, plus: a third membership page for other family members (children, grandchildren, other family members) who may want to carry on their own relationships with fellow WCYC members.

Trial / Complimentary Trial Membership:
Membership valid for 6 months. Cost is $20, or no cost with the appropriate promotion code available on merchandise sold through select vendors.
You will receive a Temporary Membership Card, decal for your boat or car as well as more information about the Whitefish Chain Yacht Club, our mission and Club activities. (Please note: this option does not include a Yachting Club of America Reciprocity Card or a Club Burgee.)
Please use the registration wizard below.  If applicable, enter your access code on payment screen to make your trial registration free of charge.

Already a Member? Renew Your Membership Online
Memberships are annual, on a calendar year basis, and you may change your level from year to year.
Whitefish Chain Yacht Club allows its members to start to renew 45 days prior to their membership expiration date.
You can renew during this period by clicking on the renew icon next to your name at the top of your member page. 
This renew icon will only be visible if your membership is up for renewal.  When you click on the icon, you will be brought to the renewal wizard.

Member Note: If your dues are current and you would like information about Reciprocity Courtesy Cards - or to request Membership and Reciprocal Courtesy cards -
visit the Reciprocity Cards page.