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YCOA Reciprocal Courtesy Card
If your annual membership dues up to date, use this Reciprocity Card Request form to request your card. Your card will be sent to the primary address in your member profile. If you want it sent to a different address (e.g., your winter address) please add that in the text box on the form.

Enjoy your travels and the gracious hospitality other yacht clubs extend!  Over the years, this has been a wonderful benefit of WCYC membership for many of our members -- both local and distant -- and we hope it is for you, too.

Here's how:

WCYC is a member of Yachting Club of America.

Yachting Club of America (YCOA) represents more than 700 registered Yacht and Sailing Clubs and over 300,000 members nationwide.  As such, our members enjoy reciprocal privileges (such as dining, lodging where available, or securing dockage) with many of those other member clubs.

To utilize these privileges, you will usually need to call ahead for reservations and, upon arrival, present both your WCYC Membership Card and your Reciprocity Courtesy Card, both for the current year.

To access YCOA's Register of American Yacht Clubs, which shows member clubs and their reciprocal privileges, go to the "Members Only" section on the YCOA website at

Then log in with our credentials: Our club ID is: club1040     Our password is: y100446c

We hope you take advantage of this benefit wherever you live or travel!  Just make sure to request your Reciprocity Card and carry it and your Membership Card with you wherever you go.  Enjoy!

Note: Please remember that Membership and Reciprocity Cards can be sent only to active members whose dues for the year are up-to-date. You can renew your membership online at the membership page.  Thank you.

If your annual membership dues are current, please submit a Reciprocity Card Request.