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2022  Swimming and Boating Safety Classes 


 Water Safety / Swimming Classes:

WCYC has been sponsoring accredited swimming lessons since 1968. Over that time, more than 4000 swimmer sessions have been taught.  Lessons are offered each July to children 5 years of age and older and are offered at no charge.

These classes cover basic skills for safely being in and enjoying our lakes. Parents who register their children do not need to be club members.

Classes are half an hour long, starting at 10:30 am for the Advanced Group and go until 12:30 pm, finishing with the Beginners. Classes are held regardless of weather.

The dates for Water Safety/Swim Classes in 2022 are planned to be:
Session I July 5 – 8      note there is no class on Monday July 4
Session II July 11 - 15
Session III July 18 - 22

Registration and waitlist are FULL

Parents; when registering swimmers for the classes select the option shown below, where # represents the number of kids you are registering. You will then be prompted for your contact information and then the names, ages, swimming ability and weeks you wish to register for each swimmer.

Boating Safety:

Youth Boating -
WCYC and C&C Boat Works sponsor these classes, presented by the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Water Patrol.  They teach the basics of safe boat operation and the students complete the state exam for the Youth Operator Permit..  Each session is followed by lunch (pizza of course - it's at Zorbaz!) and allows for on-the-water training supervised by the instructors.  Participants do not need to be club members (or children of members) to register.

Registration is now open.

Youth Boat Operators Permit - July class - 7/13/2022

Boating Safety Instruction Classes for Women (aka 'Women at the Helm') -
These free boating basics and safety classes, co-sponsored by Bertha Boatworks, are designed for those not generally at the helm or are new to operating their own boat.  Participants learn how to start and stop their vessel, how to dock it, and basic handling principals.  Also included are descriptions of what causes boating mishaps and how to minimize them, how to handle emergencies if you need to take over, what equipment should be on board, and common boating jargon. Participants do not need to be club members.

Registration is now.
Women At The Helm - July class - 7/23/2022 Registration is full, wait list available.